Where to buy 34 Ranch Beef
The Corn Exchange Bistro We are thrilled that renowned Chef MJ Adams has added 34 Ranch beef to her fabulous menu!

Staple and Spice Market Stop in to pick up tenderloin, sirloin, ribeye, or ground beef at 601 Mt. Rushmore Road in Rapid City.

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-Op Carries a full selection of 34 Ranch beef, from tenderloin to round steak, as well as some of the more unusual cuts like soup bone and flank steak.

Good Earth Natural Foods in Spearfish Offers 34 Ranch ground beef for our friends in the Northern Black Hills!

Sustainable Agriculture -   Dakota Rural Action works to preserve family farms and ranches in our region. -   The Sustainable Table website has great information about terms and their definitions, as well as common-sense questions to ask when you are buying food direct from producers.

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Cooking -   Fine Cooking is a great recipe resource whether you're cooking beef or anything else. -   For recipes from Bon Appetit and its sister publications. -   Know your cuts of beef! For info about where different cuts of beef come from, check out Iowa State's document. -    For the official, government-type details on safe beef handling, how long you can freeze things, and other strange facts, try the USDA website.