Pricing and Options

Our pricing is based on the final, packaged weight of the beef
that is delivered to you. Your beef will be dry-aged for two
weeks and cut at our local, federally inspected butcher shop.
Total lbs. (approx.)$/lb.Total Cost Freezer Space
The Gourmet 20 $8.75 $175 2 cu.Ft.
The Grillmaster 19-20 $10.00 $198

1.5 cu.Ft.

Quarter Beef 100 $8.50 $850
(retail value $1,145)
4 cu.Ft.
Half Beef 200 $8.00 $1,600
(retail value $2,290)
8 cu.Ft.
Whole Beef 400 $7.75 $3,100
(retail value $4,580)
17 cu.Ft.
Prices and cuts subject to change.
In a half or whole beef order, you may request custom cuts. So, if you'd like your steaks a certain thickness, the tenderloin left whole, or everything except your steaks made into ground beef, it's your choice!
We also sell heart, liver, tongue, and dog bones. If there's something you'd like to try and don't see it listed, just contact us!
Our standard cuts - click on boxes above to see specifics.
Ribeye Chuck Ground Beef
Sirloin Arm Stew Meat
NY Strip Sirloin Tip Short Ribs
Round Rump Osso Buco (meaty soup bone)

*Flank, Skirt, Chuck, and Flat Iron

*cuts in whole or half beef orders-not included in quarters