Our Philosophy

At 34 Ranch, we do things much the way our families have for generations.  The health of our cattle and the health of our land is always our primary concern.  The beef that you buy from us has been born and raised, naturally and sustainably, on one of our family ranches in the shadow of the Black Hills in South Dakota.

Our cattle live on pasture and eat grass.  They are moved from pasture to pasture periodically to let the land rest and to allow the grass to rejuvenate.  In the winter months, our cattle eat homegrown alfalfa and wheat grass hay. 

No chemical fertilizers are used, ever, on any pastures.  No hormones have ever been administered to any animal on our ranch, and no antibiotics are ever fed.  Because their health is our first priority, antibiotics are used only to treat illness. Any animal that receives treatment is sold at market and is not included as 34 Ranch beef.